Are You Teaching Your Child/Children Well?

toughloveThis post may come across as a bit of tough love. But please here me when I say, I share because I care!

As I was planning this post, a song came to mind that has been on repeat in my head. Maybe you’ll recognize it. Maybe even sing it in your head, or feel free to just belt it out! 🙂

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children’s laughter, remind us how we used to be.”

You know that one, right?! Whitney Houston.

One of my fondest memories from childhood is me and my cousin singing Whitney Houston songs at the top of our lungs. We lived 6 hours apart so we didn’t see each other often. But when we got together, ohhhh did we do some singing! #goodtimes

Anyway, a long way to get to the fact that, the children really are our future. And we need to teach them well.

The further along I get into my healthy lifestyle journey, the more I realize the importance of teaching my children the things I’m learning. In my pursuit of the perfect body, I’ve learned that I will never have a perfect body – none of us will. But we are only given one body in our time here on this earth, and it’s important to value it and take care of it. Dare I even say, love it?! #gasp #itcanbedone

Taking care of the body encompasses the body as a whole – body, mind and spirit. So as I became intentional with taking care of my physical body, it spilled over into being intentional in nurturing my mind. And as a result I have become more intentional with my walk with God and have grown in my faith.

These are the things I’m teaching my kids. But there’s this quirky thing about teaching. Most times it’s not what we say, but what we do that really makes a difference.

So it starts with me, as one of their role models! I first have to choose to live the example if I want them to develop into the amazing men God created them to be.

So today, I want to share with you ways that you can help be an example to your children and teach them well. Remember that taking care of the body includes body, mind and spirit – I’m going to break it down into those categories.


Teach them how to eat in a balanced, healthy way. Teach them that you do it because you love yourself and value your body. If you’re new to eating this way or just don’t even know how to get started, contact me. I’d be happy to share what helped me learn.

Do activity with them. I recently read a blog about how playing each day helps lower your stress levels and improves your health. Just play with your kids. Dance with your kids. Just move for at least 30 minutes a day.

Hygiene. I feel like this should be a given, but I’m just covering all my bases. Teach those ‘babies’ how to properly bathe, brush their teeth and groom themselves.


Learn something new every day. Kids kinda have this covered with school and all. That’s not to say you shouldn’t teach them something on your own everyday – a Bible verse, a life skill, something that will benefit them in their life. What are some valuable lessons you’ve learned that you can share?

But parents, are you still learning? Are you being intentional about growing? Read a book that will teach you something and then put it to action. Listen to a podcast to learn something and then put it to action. The key in those last two sentences is “put it to action.” Knowledge isn’t really power unless you do something valuable with what you know.

Have 20 minutes of quiet time a day. Use this time to be creative in some way and ponder. Pondering is such a thing of the past. A lot of times when I sit down with my journal, I don’t have a plan for what I want to write or doodle so I’ll find a meaningful Bible verse or quote and doodle it as I think about what it means to me and journal my thoughts.

Challenge your mind with puzzles or games that make your brain sweat. Research has shown that doing a challenging mental puzzle early in the day is as good for the mind as exercising is for the body. Think word finds, sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc.


Pray early and often. I have found that by taking the time in the morning to thank God for my blessings sets the tone for my day. It helps get me in a positive mindset before life has a chance to hit me.

Read a devotional and/or the Bible every day. The Bible is a powerful book for Christ followers. It always seems God has just the word I need to hear at just the right time. And it feels like a great big ole’ bear hug! p.s. I love hugs!

Meditation. The way meditation looks varies person to person. What probably came to mind when you read that word is someone sitting in the floor with their legs crossed and their arms raised, thumb and fingertips slightly touching going, “ohmmmmmmmm.” Am I right?

My fave form of meditation is to lie down with my eyes closed and just focus on my breathing. By focusing on my breath, the thoughts of my mind begin to fall away and become less noisy.

Meditation is a great way to strengthen your “focus” muscle. Pick a thought you want to concentrate on – a mantra, positive affirmation, Bible verse, quote. It may be difficult to do more than a few minutes in the beginning but that’s ok. Start there. Set a timer for 3 minutes and increase it little by little each day.

Do something for someone just because. Spread a little sunshine. Smile at a stranger. Perform a random act of kindness. There are so many ways to serve others. And you know what, kindness is contagious. So spread the love.

Mama’s, it’s time to start being the example for our children! I hope this helps give you some ideas on how to get started. I’d love to support you in your journey, contact me.

What are some of the things you do to take care of your whole body?? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

Until next time! <3


Author: Michelle Whitley

Wife. Mother of 5 Boys. Entrepreneur. Health and Fitness Coach. Lover of living a life of full potential.

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