Team ROAR Fitness Challenge – Day 3

Why hello there, rock star! You probably woke up this morning feeling a little stiff and sore. If so, HIGH FIVE!

Your body’s letting you know that you’re working it in ways it hasn’t been worked in a while. This is a beautiful thing!

Want some great news? Our workout today is going to help you stretch, soothe and lengthen those sore, achy muscles!

If you’ve never done yoga before, do not — I repeat, DO NOT — skip today’s workout! #noexcuses!

After all, this IS a challenge, right? #justdoit!

It doesn’t matter if your heels don’t touch the ground in downward dog — focus on reaching your hips toward the sky!

Plus, if you’ve ever ogled someone’s amazing lean and muscled arms, I’d be willing to bet some money that they likely have yoga somewhere in their fitness routine.

Plus, yoga’s all about breathing! If you’re doing the breathwork, you’re doing yoga! Boom chaka laka!

So with all of that said, decide that you’re open to trying something new, roll out that yoga or workout mat, kick off those tennies, and get ready to feel awesome. #namaste #day3ftw!

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