Time:Income Ratio

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100 TIMES YES!!!

In the beginning of building your business, it can feel like the income SO doesn’t add up to the time and effort you put into it. I encourage you to focus on being PATIENT, PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT in doing the BASICS and the income will grow!

COMMIT to being here for the LONG HAUL – consistently doing the 3 Vital Behaviors and I PROMISE you, you won’t even recognize your life 5 years from now!

If someone would have told me 5 years ago that I’d be making more $$ than my full time job with total time freedom, living debt free, able to save massive amounts of money toward buying our DREAM HOME, not having to worry about how we were going to pay the bills anymore, I wouldn’t have believed them! But here I am, 4.5 years into building my business doing just that!

My life is DRASTICALLY different than it was 4.5 years ago, and that’s just the financial side of it! Mentally, spiritually and physically I am a COMPLETELY different person! I no longer depend on my coach believing in me, I BELIEVE IN ME…and I’m paying that forward by being the visionary for others to get started with making positive, healthy changes in their life and in my opinion, there couldn’t be any more fulfilling way I would want to earn an income for my family!!!

If you’ll STICK WITH IT, BE PATIENT, and DO THE 3 VITAL BEHAVIORS CONSISTENTLY I can just IMAGINE us 5 years from now all gathered at a Team ROAR Leadership Retreat story swapping, giving each other goosebumps and having to pinch ourselves talking about how different our lives are from where we started!!

But the first step is GETTING STARTED!!!

Let’s GO Tigers!!

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