PiYo: How to Get Strong, Lean and Flexible – A Customer Review

I know most of y’all have heard me talk about why I love PiYo. I mean, let’s face it: I’m not shy about telling people why I love something. Now, it’s not surprising that once most people try Beachbody, they’re usually hooked on it. As such, it’s kind of hard to get an impartial review, particularly when talking to any of my Beachbody friends and coaches, who are flat out enthusiasts. However, I got creative, and I’m happy to report that one of my girlfriends — who has never tried a Beachbody workout program before — just recently bought PiYo, and when I asked her if she’d write a review so I could share it with y’all, she said yes! (I also asked her to send me a pic to include with the post, and she didn’t disappoint with her post-workout pose. Haha!) So, without further ado, here’s Faith’s review of PiYo: Continue reading “PiYo: How to Get Strong, Lean and Flexible — A Customer Review”

PiYo Is Coming!

If any of y’all follow me regularly, you’ll know that at the moment I’m kicking my own booty with high-intensity, super satisfying workouts.

I LOVE getting a good night’s sleep, and let me tell you, lately I’ve been sleeping like the dead. (And that’s saying something for most people I know, much less parents with young children.) #WIN

Even though I love a good post-workout exhaustion, I will be the first one to admit that high-impact workouts (even with good form) can take their toll on our knees and other joints. Continue reading “PiYo Is Coming!”