Personal Development Suggestions

Today’s post is short and sweet but VALUE PACKED if you heed the advice given and TAKE ACTION learning and applying it to your life!!

The subject of personal development has come up on numerous occasions, and for good reason; it’s very important to me because it has changed the course of my life for the better.

I often wonder why in the world I let it take YEARS of suggesting for me to get started – and I’ll ask you the same if you’ve been putting off making personal development a part of your lifestyle and self-disciplines! WHY NOT GET STARTED TODAY?  Continue reading “Personal Development Suggestions”

The Clock Is Ticking: 5 Time Management Tips

When someone says, “precious resources,” I think things like water or precious metals and gems naturally come to mind. But what about our time and energy?

When I realized that an hour is less than 5% of my day, I also realized that I no longer had a valid excuse for not carving out that time for myself. If I couldn’t give myself LESS THAN 5% of my own time… I mean, really? What am I, chopped liver?!?

With that in mind, I decided to figure out how I was spending/squandering my precious time and energy. #worksmarternotharder  Here are a few tips that have been instrumental for me in whipping my time management skills into shape: Continue reading “The Clock Is Ticking: 5 Time Management Tips”