Strong is the New Skinny

One of the things I wish more people knew is that strength is, well, intoxicating.

If you haven’t already discovered this for yourself, I think that’s been one of my favorite aspects about my own physical transformation.

There’s something pretty darn magical about suddenly being able to do a strength exercise (such as plank-style pushups) after months (or years) of not being able to do so.

I remember that back in grade school, I couldn’t climb a pole in gym class to save my life. #noodlearms

Now, I’m pretty certain I could climb my way to the top of that pole, slap that top bar with enthusiasm, and then slide back down to take a bow. (Woohoo!!) Continue reading “Strong is the New Skinny”

Secret Sexy Weapon For Women: Feel Great, Have Sexy Curves and Age Gracefully

While some women may not admit it, or try to convince themselves otherwise, there are a few things that I believe are universally desired by every woman. Heck, I don’t think I’m the only one who has fantasized about being given the option to pick and choose the features we want…

Yes, I’ll take the voluminous, flowing brunette locks, blue eyes (not the light ones but the super bright blue ones like the sky on a clear fall day – yeah, those!)… Ummm, the slim nose with a straight bridge that is the perfect proportion for my face, full lips with a perfect bow tie, a pair of DDs… and an extra dose of confidence. 

Remember this scene from Weird Science? Continue reading “Secret Sexy Weapon For Women: Feel Great, Have Sexy Curves and Age Gracefully”