Happy Fourth of July – Let Freedom Ring!

Five years ago my days were filled with punching in at the 8-5, hours upon hours of sitcoms and reality TV shows, spending money I didn’t have creating a massive mountain of debt making me a SLAVE! So today, as I sit on my couch, in my pajamas, debt-free, scrolling my Facebook feed seeing all the beautiful 4th of July posts, I have a whole new appreciation for FREEDOM!

I am so thankful to be ABLE to live an active life! I’m so thankful that because of an amazing opportunity I was ABLE to build a business that gives me TIME FREEDOM and allows me to be PRESENT in my boys’ lives! I’m so thankful that I am ABLE to worship freely without worry that I will be killed for my beliefs! I’m so thankful that I am ABLE to fill my mind with positive, life changing information that I can use to make a DIFFERENCE in my life and the lives of others!!

Freedom truly is a GIFT and I have wasted too much time taking it for granted! Am I alone in that?

As you enjoy this Independence Day, I encourage you to ponder this: How are you using your gift of freedom?

I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment and share some of the freedoms you’re thankful for!!

4th of July.png