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I don’t make it a secret about my love for Shakeology. Whenever I find a product that works, I tell everyone I know. And let me tell you….Shakeology WORKS!

Here are some of my success stories:

– One of my mom’s friends, a woman with high cholesterol started on Shakeology the beginning of September. She has been eating right and doing as much exercise as possible but her joints won’t allow her to do anything high intensity. Since adding Shakeology into her daily routine, she’s down over 40 lbs. and her cholesterol has dropped over 40 points -back into the normal range.

– One of my best friends has been blessed with 2 beautiful babies and has been working hard to get her pre-baby body back. She also has MS and has flares occasionally. She started using Shakeology after Thanksgiving and had a lapse of time she was without. She notices that the shakes give her more energy to get through her workouts. She has lost 12 lbs. And before the #’s on the scale started dropping, the inches were going down, she felt more lean and her pants were getting baggy!! She says, “The shake works. It is not a miracle drug but it works. I just feel fulfilled having it first thing in the morning. Puts me on the right track for the rest of the day.”

– My father-in-law has been taking cholesterol medicine to keep his cholesterol under control. He is otherwise a healthy man and has taken really good care of himself. He quit taking his cholesterol medicine and started using Shakeology. He lost about 10 lbs within the first 30 days and when he had his blood work done at his annual appointment, his cholesterol had gone down from the previous year and was back in a healthy zone. He has been amazed at how full and satisfied he feels after drinking it. And believe me, he was quite a skeptic and had a backup plan the first day he took it for lunch! LOL

– Another friend of mine has had digestive issues and suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for most of his life, to the point that he’s had to take several medications to control it. Since replacing his breakfast with Shakeology, he has been able to come off all of his medications and his digestive and IBS issues have nearly vanished! He has a ton more energy and is feeling the best he’s ever felt in his life!

– Another mother of two says, “I love love Shakeology…I have noticed my skin is better, I am “regular”, my nursing baby is less gassy, and I am in a better mood. I have been using it for 6 weeks now. I am a person who hates breakfast foods, so that is what I have each morning to get me going. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I get excited just typing that – AMAZING!

Truth Bomb

Here’s where I get to be really honest. If you’re even remotely skeptical (like I was to begin with), I know what you have to be thinking…at least in the back of your mind.

“She works for the company. She has to say that. And if I buy Shakeology from her, she makes commission. I know how this works.”

You’re half correct. I DO work for the company, and I DO make commission if you buy Shakeology from me…but I’m willing to give up the commission if you’re willing to try it and it doesn’t work for you.

Here’s how it will work:

Click here to make your purchase.  When the page opens, you’ll see on the right hand side of the page a green “Buy Now” button. Choose your flavor and notice the many combination options that are available. Make your “Packaging Size” selection – 30 serving bag or box of 24 packets. For “Order Type” choose Monthly Autoship. (Monthly autoship is our autoship program, meaning Shakeology will be billed and delivered to your door every 30 days. To reward you for your commitment to your health, Beachbody will ship your monthly bag to you FOR $2. AND they’ll also send you a free shaker cup and calendar of recipes). This will save you $11-15/month in shipping costs.

I’ll take it one step further. Of course, I’ll want to hear from you about your experience with Shakeology when it arrives, but I will personally contact you 20 days after you place your order to give you instructions on how to cancel your autoship order if you are not satisfied and no longer want to receive shipments of Shakeology.

Since every bag of Shakeology comes with a bottom-of-the-bag guarantee, you can buy it, and if you aren’t completely satisfied in 30 days, you can mail the EMPTY BAG back to Beachbody for a full refund…no questions asked…and I won’t make a dime.  The free shaker cup is yours to keep.

That’s my commitment to you. It’s not all about me making money. It’s about me passing on information to you about a product that is changing lives daily.

Not every healthy product is right for every person, but I truly believe that EVERYONE is the perfect candidate for Shakeology. I want to add YOUR success story to this note!

For even MORE Shakeology Savings:

Team Beachbody offers a Club membership for $2.99 a week ($38.87 billed quarterly) that allows members to save 10% on all products, access to the online meal planner, Beachbody on Demand (stream hundreds of workouts online) and VIP access to trainers which is very cool. When combining the Shakeology on home direct ($2 shipping) with the 10% discount, you really don’t save much money – maybe a dollar or two. The weekly Club membership fee eats into any real discount you would get on Shakeology, and I wouldn’t recommend it for the purpose of solely saving money on Shakeology. For the perks, definitely yes – but not just for saving on Shakeology. However, if you’d like to give Beachbody on Demand a spin free for 30 days, click here to take it for a spin.

To get the absolute lowest price on Shakeology, you must combine the Beachbody coach program with the home direct auto ship program. Doing this you will lower the price of Shakeology to $97.46 – a substantial savings. This number will change depending upon your state tax. There is a $39.95 enrollment fee and a monthly $15.95 monthly maintenance fee. Total savings once you’re all said and done is about $15/month. However, you now have the option to share Shakeology and Beachbody programs with others and earn a commission when they purchase through your website.

If you’ve had your eye on a Beachbody program like my favorite, Cize, you can order what is called a Challenge Pack, which includes a workout program & Shakeology on home direct – all at a discounted price AND the coach sign-up fee is waived. Most challenge packs will save you between $20-$30 overall. You can view all available challenge packs here.

Feel free to use the “Contact Me” form on this site to contact me with any questions you have!

Looking forward to getting healthier together!