Secret Sexy Weapon For Women: Feel Great, Have Sexy Curves and Age Gracefully

Secret Sexy Weapon

While some women may not admit it, or try to convince themselves otherwise, there are a few things that I believe are universally desired by every woman. Heck, I don’t think I’m the only one who has fantasized about being given the option to pick and choose the features we want…

Yes, I’ll take the voluminous, flowing brunette locks, blue eyes (not the light ones but the super bright blue ones like the sky on a clear fall day – yeah, those!)… Ummm, the slim nose with a straight bridge that is the perfect proportion for my face, full lips with a perfect bow tie, a pair of DDs… and an extra dose of confidence. 

Remember this scene from Weird Science?

You get my point.

So often we see other women and think, “If only I had THAT hair, THAT body… I could really be successful.”

Ladies, let me tell you something. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL in your own unique way. Embrace that!

You may not FEEL your best however, because you know you’re not DOING your best.

Sitting on the couch comparing yourself to Gloria on Modern Family (Sofia Vergara in case you need to Google it) and wishing you had her body isn’t going to make you feel great about who you are.


The truth, bittersweet as it may be, is that we can’t pick and choose. We can’t change our DNA.

However, there’s one SEXY WEAPON we can use to make us feel great, have a sexy, curvy shape and age gracefully.

Secret Sexy WeaponThe Secret Sexy Weapon (SSW) – Lifting Weights

Now don’t click the red X. I can hear the thoughts going through your head.

I don’t want to look like a body builder.” 

“Lifting weights will make me look bulky.”

“Lifting weights is for men.”

Stick with me for a minute and let me share with you how lifting weights can help you create a body you’ll love.

SSW Benefit #1: You’ll feel great

You may not be new to “working out.” If you’ve done any kind of cardio-aerobic classes, Zumba or fun things like that, you know how amazing you feel during and (or sometimes just) after your workout.

There are several feel-good hormones that are released during exercise – endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

These hormones can be produced in ways other than exercise (e.g. food) but they don’t provide long-term satisfaction and have consequences that’ll ultimately harm you mentally as well as physically.

Exercise has been proven to be the best way to produce healthy levels of these hormones. And, an added benefit is that you’ll look amazing, which will undoubtedly boost your confidence. #win-win

SSW Benefit #2: Sexy, Curvy Shape

Just as I believed when I started my “weight loss journey,” most women think that spending an hour on their elliptical/treadmill or dancing in a Zumba class will help them create a sexy, curvy physique.

They would be wrong.

While these are great things to do for improving your cardio endurance, they don’t do anything to give your body any shape, besides the shrinking effects from losing a combination of muscle and fat.

By lifting weights, you are building and sculpting beautiful muscles that will give your body a gorgeous, curvy, sexy shape. It can make the difference of having the straight shape of a 13-year-old teenager (with a few more stretch-marks and a bit more loose skin) or having a Sofia Vergara-esque shape.

Added Bonus: Muscle burns fat – If you wanna get rid of that pesky belly fat (you know, the rubber ducky swim floaty thing around your middle) you NEED muscles. By increasing your muscle mass, you also increase your metabolism. It takes more energy for your body to maintain muscle than fat which essentially makes you a fat burning machine. #doublewoot

12SSW Benefit #3: Aging Gracefully

Alright ladies, we all wanna know the secrets of older ladies who still look like they’re in their 30’s right? While some take the plastic surgery route, others lift weights.

Why go under the knife when you can actually do something that has so many other benefits for you?

Stop flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet with all those anti-aging creams and magic potions that’re chock full of empty promises, and pick up a set of weights. Incorporating strength/resistance training into your workout routine does a couple of things to help you age gracefully.

First, it increases bone density. Now this might not seem like a big deal but think about it with me. Have you seen older women who have the “humpback”? This is usually due to osteoporosis — bone density loss.

You can’t drink enough milk to prevent losing bone density. But if you start now with a good strength training routine, you’ll better maintain your straight, uplifted posture by increasing bone density. #gotweights

Secondly, your body releases hormones that have anti-aging benefits and give you that young, beautiful glow that we all want to maintain. Do your research if you don’t believe me.

People who stay active and lift weights look much younger than they really are. For instance, Chalene Johnson (creator of Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, ChaLean Extreme) looks AMAZING and she’s in her mid-40’s.

My own before/after pictures have gotten comments like, “You look 10 years younger!” But the most awesome thing is that I FEEL 10 years younger!

Lifting weights has made me feel amazing, created a body shape I love and erased the extra years I was wearing.

Your Turn

Do you lift weights? Have any extra weight lifting benefits to add to the list?

Author: Michelle Whitley

Wife. Mother of 5 Boys. Entrepreneur. Health and Fitness Coach. Lover of living a life of full potential.

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