PiYo: How to Get Strong, Lean and Flexible – A Customer Review

I know most of y’all have heard me talk about why I love PiYo. I mean, let’s face it: I’m not shy about telling people why I love something. Now, it’s not surprising that once most people try Beachbody, they’re usually hooked on it. As such, it’s kind of hard to get an impartial review, particularly when talking to any of my Beachbody friends and coaches, who are flat out enthusiasts. However, I got creative, and I’m happy to report that one of my girlfriends — who has never tried a Beachbody workout program before — just recently bought PiYo, and when I asked her if she’d write a review so I could share it with y’all, she said yes! (I also asked her to send me a pic to include with the post, and she didn’t disappoint with her post-workout pose. Haha!) So, without further ado, here’s Faith’s review of PiYo: Continue reading “PiYo: How to Get Strong, Lean and Flexible — A Customer Review”

How To Lose Weight and Improve Your Health

Most of y’all have probably heard me rave about Shakeology at one point or another. I mean, who doesn’t love a superfood shake that’s actually delicious?

Up until this point, I only had my own experiences with it and those of my friends and fellow coaches to back up how much I love this stuff. However, today’s the day, folks, where I have even more to go off of!

How I Found Shakeology

ShakeologyFirst and foremost, if you’ve never heard of it before, Shakeology is a meal-replacement shake by Beachbody that’s choc full of vitamins, minerals and superfoods. Unlike a number of other meal or protein shakes out there, it not only TASTES awesome, but it makes you feel great because it’s packed full of so many wonderful things!

Prior to adding Shakeology to my daily routine, I had the WORST junk food cravings and a positively monster sweet tooth! For me, eating healthy (and making healthy choices) ALWAYS seemed like a battle. Finally though, after a year of disbelief and full on doubt that this shake was everything it was claimed to be, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try.

I knew that I felt GOOD while I was drinking it but it wasn’t until I RAN OUT that I realized just how much it had been helping me control my junk food cravings and sweet tooth. I literally STALKED my UPS driver until he brought that package to my door and I gave him a HUGE hug. #crazybutdontcare

The Awesome Stuff

I must have read and re-read the nutrition facts a million times to wrap my mind around all the good stuff that’s packed into these shakes. I mean, there’s everything from pre- and probiotics to phytonutrients, to protein and amino acids! No wonder it makes you feel fantastic when you compare it to, say, your favorite candy bar. Haha!

What’s more, my father-in-law, who had been taking cholesterol meds for YEARS and was barely under control started drinking Shakeology every day and completely QUIT his meds (with his doctor’s approval). When he went in for his 90 day bloodwork, his cholesterol was lower than it had been even WITH MEDS!!

And NOW beyond the personal testimonies, it has been CLINICALLY proven to do what Beachbody coaches have claimed it could do for YEARS!!

The Awesomeness Has Been Backed Up!

Shakeology YumminessAn independent 90-day clinical study was done with 50 individuals to test how effective Shakeology is. All the participants drank Shakeology for breakfast and lunch for 90 days, carefully recorded their adherence to the program, checked in every 30 days, and made NO OTHER CHANGES in their diets and their exercise regimens.

After 90 days, the results were pretty darn staggering, IMHO: Overall, the 50 people in the trial lost anywhere from 9-24 pounds;  they saw their total cholesterol go down by 7-50%; they had fewer cravings for junk food and generally wanted smaller portions; AND, their blood sugar levels went down by 5-19%!

Checkout the full video here: 

Your Turn!

Have you tried Shakeology as well? If so, I’d love to hear your feedback! Or, if you want to give Shakeology a try, let me know if you have any questions! There are even vegan options available now!!

Happy Fourth of July – Let Freedom Ring!

Five years ago my days were filled with punching in at the 8-5, hours upon hours of sitcoms and reality TV shows, spending money I didn’t have creating a massive mountain of debt making me a SLAVE! So today, as I sit on my couch, in my pajamas, debt-free, scrolling my Facebook feed seeing all the beautiful 4th of July posts, I have a whole new appreciation for FREEDOM!

I am so thankful to be ABLE to live an active life! I’m so thankful that because of an amazing opportunity I was ABLE to build a business that gives me TIME FREEDOM and allows me to be PRESENT in my boys’ lives! I’m so thankful that I am ABLE to worship freely without worry that I will be killed for my beliefs! I’m so thankful that I am ABLE to fill my mind with positive, life changing information that I can use to make a DIFFERENCE in my life and the lives of others!!

Freedom truly is a GIFT and I have wasted too much time taking it for granted! Am I alone in that?

As you enjoy this Independence Day, I encourage you to ponder this: How are you using your gift of freedom?

I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment and share some of the freedoms you’re thankful for!!

4th of July.png

Italian Panko Crusted Pork Chops

Winner winner, pork chop dinner!!! 

Any time ALL of my boys tear something UP, I HAVE to share it with my friends because it RARELY ever happens that all five of them love the same thing!! This is a FAMILY WINNER!!  Continue reading “Italian Panko Crusted Pork Chops”

Meditation: 5 Reasons It’s Good For You

I want to preface today’s post with a confession. I have been closed-minded to meditation in the past because of my own personal pre-conceived ideas and notions about what it is. However, after studying the benefits and how-to’s of meditation, I now see how it can not only be greatly beneficial but is a NECESSARY practice in this fast-paced world.

Meditation can hold different meaning for each individual while the practice is the same – much like yoga. In the next 2 blog posts I’m going to answer the question about what it is, share the benefits of practicing it and then share some how-to’s and tips for incorporating it into your life.

So I encourage you to put aside everything you’ve thought, read, heard, whatever about meditation and just follow me for the next couple blog posts. Can you do that?

“Suppose you read about a pill that you could take once a day to reduce anxiety and increase your contentment. Would you take it? Suppose further that the pill has a great variety of side effects, all of them good: increased self-esteem, empathy, and trust; it even improves memory. Suppose, finally, that the pill is all natural and costs nothing. Now would you take it? The pill exists. It is meditation. ” ~ Jonathan Haidt

That quote in and of itself is a pretty amazing reason to give meditation a shot, is it not?

Continue reading “Meditation: 5 Reasons It’s Good For You”

Easy Summer Healthy Party Recipe

‘Tis the season for outdoor parties, grill-outs and summer FUN!

If you’re anything like me, I absolutely LOVE to get together with friends – cutting up and laughing, there really isn’t much else better to me!

And it seems that there is ALWAYS food involved — especially for me since I tend to eat every few hours anyway. I don’t want to go long without having something to eat!

But I also don’t always want to indulge. It has its time and its place, don’t get me wrong — I try to keep it to a minimum!

So I want to share an awesome, easy (that’s my middle name), healthy summer party recipe with you!

Continue reading “Easy Summer Healthy Party Recipe”

Strong is the New Skinny

One of the things I wish more people knew is that strength is, well, intoxicating.

If you haven’t already discovered this for yourself, I think that’s been one of my favorite aspects about my own physical transformation.

There’s something pretty darn magical about suddenly being able to do a strength exercise (such as plank-style pushups) after months (or years) of not being able to do so.

I remember that back in grade school, I couldn’t climb a pole in gym class to save my life. #noodlearms

Now, I’m pretty certain I could climb my way to the top of that pole, slap that top bar with enthusiasm, and then slide back down to take a bow. (Woohoo!!) Continue reading “Strong is the New Skinny”

Top 3 Ways To Feel Your Best

One of my favorite “side effects” from working out regularly is generally feeling pretty darn good overall.

I mean, who doesn’t want to feel strong, look better naked (or in a swimsuit), and have better health and less wobbly areas overall?

There are a ton of factors that play into our sense of well-being, so this week, I thought I’d send a little inspiration your way for how to feel your best! Continue reading “Top 3 Ways To Feel Your Best”

Healthier Ways to Beat That Sweet Tooth

Spring is here and you know what that means: Summer and bathing suit season is around the corner.

While I think the vast majority of us are trying to make healthy decisions year round, I know the promise of minimal body coverage pretty much always gives one pause.

One thing I know I struggle with from time to time is conquering my sweet tooth.

Here are a few things that have helped me conquer my inner Cookie Monster. Continue reading “Healthier Ways to Beat That Sweet Tooth”