Overcoming Your Inner Critic

Strong mind

For those of you who took part in the Team ROAR Free 7-Day Challenge, what a success that was!

It was truly such a pleasure getting our collective sweat on together, and I’m so thrilled that it was such a blast!

I hope that those of you who rocked the challenge not only enjoyed the comradery but also felt the impact that peer support can have on your own fitness.

As my friend Beth perfectly observed, “Overcoming mental obstacles can be harder to conquer than the toughest physical obstacle course.”

It seems that the collective concept of “fitness” includes the pursuit of rock-hard abs and getting rid of anything that jiggles. #backfat #lovehandles #bellypooch #wobblyarms

However, fitness doesn’t just make your physical body stronger – it also can make incredible changes in your mind and mental processes as well.

A Moving Meditation

Strong mindI know I’ve mentioned this a while ago, but in some ways, I feel like a really good workout is kind of like a moving meditation.

When I’m enjoying a tough workout, usually my only thoughts are on my breath and keeping good form. Everything else just tends to sort of fall away until I’m just focused on the present moment.

Granted, this doesn’t always happen… like when kids are running around hollerin’ in the background, but you get my point.

We’ve all heard countless studies on the good effects meditation and exercise have on one’s well-being in general, but let’s focus on the mental hurdles for a moment.

Lift Those Knees!

That little voice we all hear can be a source of comforting reassurance, a la, “It’s all going to be okay! Hang in there!”

My gymHOWEVER, we all know what a little brat that voice can be too. “Gaaaaaawd. Why am I even DOING this?!?!?”

“Ugh. I’ll never look that good. Why even try?”

“I can’t do it. I can’t.”

“One more rep? Are you crazy?!?”

Any of those sound familiar?

I’m pretty sure these thoughts are the mental obstacles Beth was referring to.

No, I’m not gonna tell you that I don’t ever have those thoughts. That would be a LIE. I probably have them just as often as you do.

However, I do want to share some tools I’ve found along the way that have helped me tremendously when it comes to dealing with those thoughts (and accomplishing/manifesting my goals and dreams)!

”I Know I Can!”

I mentioned this briefly for the 7-day challenge, but the next time your inner brat squeaks (or screams) out one of those self-defeating thoughts, instead of getting angrier or shutting down, try this:

Just think (or say outloud), “Thanks so much for sharing.”

And get right back to focusing on whatever you were doing.

You are strongerSeriously, folks. Try it.

(I wouldn’t be surprised if that little voice just popped up to say something crude or incredulous…)

I know that could sound like an odd way to react to those negative thoughts, but I think you’ll be amazed (as I was and still am) at how quickly all those things you THOUGHT you COULDN’T do suddenly become TOTALLY DOABLE.

That one last rep. Those last 5 pounds. THAT BIKINI! (Hello, summer! I hear you knockin’!)

“Thanks so much for sharing!”

“I don’t THINK I can, I KNOW I CAN!”

“I’m a sexy beast and I don’t care who knows it!!!” (Hehe!)

Just humor me and give it a shot. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

Your Turn!

What are the ways you cope with your inner complainer/ne’er-do-well?

Are there any techniques you’ve found that have been indispensable in conquering that self-doubt?

Have you accomplished something amazing since then? I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Author: Michelle Whitley

Wife. Mother of 5 Boys. Entrepreneur. Health and Fitness Coach. Lover of living a life of full potential.

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