My friend and I were talking the other day about her work with a voice coach in NYC. She had been singing ever since she could remember but wanted to try to take her voice to the next level with formal training.

She was telling me how she had a lesson a few months into her vocal work where she burst into tears for no apparent reason. Embarrassed and trying to get the tears under control, she apologized to her coach, not being sure how to explain the waterworks.

He gently offered her some Kleenex and told her that when his students spontaneously cried in a session, it was a sign that they were making terrific progress. In opening up their voices, they were opening up parts of themselves that had been locked up or shut away. When those openings happen, it’s only natural for the emotions to bubble up to be released.

When Harry Met SallyHello, Waterworks

There have been times when I’ve perplexed myself by full on sobbing during or after a workout. Not the pretty crying you see in the movies, mind you. The ugly, snotty, face-contorting crying.

When that’s happened, in public, I’ve kept it in (I always hear Tom Hanks yelling, “There’s no crying in baseball!!!”). But in private, I’ve usually just gone with it and cried to just let it OUT. However, I realize now that while the tears were obviously not from pain or exhaustion, they were from the same kind of healthy OPENING.

With emotional bottlers like me, it’s not remotely surprising that I’ve got hidden stores of tears that need to get out. Who knows if they’re energetically tucked in around my gall bladder or perhaps my Achilles tendon.

My point in telling you this, though, is to drive the point home that our workouts are about SO much more than just getting into shape. It’s about making time for US and taking care of ourselves so we can care for everyone else in our lives.

1468515_499280550169525_1046734731_nBurpees > Beer Bellies

I used to immediately gravitate toward a glass of wine to decompress at the end of the day to help maintain my sanity. Nowadays, I absolutely still very much enjoy my libations, but I hear myself saying, “I’m going to LOSE MY MIND if I don’t get my WORKOUT in today!”

I find my sanity, my peace, my insights while I’m sweating it out. And I gotta tell you, these days, I’d rather pound out burpees than pound beers at the end of a trying day or during a stressful week.

Plus, I don’t know if there’s a better driving force than the sense of victory and confidence that come from feeling (and looking) on top of one’s game, physically, emotionally and mentally. #beastmode


Your Turn

Have you ever experienced a strong surge of emotions during or after a workout?

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