Why Does Fear Hold Us Back?


Oh fear. How I loathe thee.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve hesitated to follow my instincts for fear of someone else’s (gulp!) judgment, I’d probably be a wealthy lady indeed.

Granted, I used to struggle with fear far more until a few years ago, but still — it’s aggravating even fathoming how many good, true-to-one’s-self decisions have likely been derailed by fear.

Punch Fear in the Face!!!

EVERYTHING YOUVE EVER WANTEDTo overcome the fear of change, something new, you just have to DO IT!

Face it head on, embrace it; acknowledge the fear, but don’t attach to it.

Step out of your comfort zone and grab hold of the feeling of being uncomfortable!

You know it will only make you better and stronger!

As with physical strength, muscles have to tear in order to repair themselves and get bigger; the same is true for growing stronger as a person.

We ALL experience difficulties and trials in our lives, but it’s how we react to them that makes all the difference!

It Ain’t Easy Being Brave

FearWhen facing a trial you have two options: Persevere through it OR quit fighting and accept defeat!

That’s it. There’s really no other option!

When I realized how much fear was holding me back from fully embracing who I wanted to be, I decided then and there to be a FIGHTER, to take a stand against fear no matter what!

This hasn’t always been easy for me because I’m naturally a people pleaser.

In the past, I put far too much stock in what others thought about me. I would often find myself rethinking what I desire and what I felt was best for me.

But not anymore!

To this day, I’m still working on being brave and standing up to my fears. I refuse to allow myself to be crippled by negativity!

Misery and Bravery Both Love Company

Don’t let misery and all the negativity bring you down. Break away from it!

Don’t even listen to negativity for ONE second!

If a negative thought pops up in your head, why not just acknowledge it by thinking, “Thanks for sharing,” and then move on?

Trust me, there are plenty of like-minded people out there that understand you and will support you in your passion!

So will you allow yourself to be held back by fear anymore? Take a stand, DO NOT be afraid!

Now go out and be YOU!!

Your Turn!

Have you been held back by fear in your own life? If so, how? Have you been able to overcome it?

Author: Michelle Whitley

Wife. Mother of 5 Boys. Entrepreneur. Health and Fitness Coach. Lover of living a life of full potential.

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