Accessing The Coach Training Academy

The CTA, also known as Coach Training Academy will teach you the foundation of your Beachbody Business. This is where you learn the A, B, Cs and then I teach you how to implement want you have learned!

The lessons are not glamorous…but RESULTS are! If you want to have a solid grasp on what you should be doing or focus on, then you need to make a commitment to completing this.

I can’t make you do them, but I can tell you this…Every coach who is seeing success with their business will tell you they completed the CTA. Why scramble and try to figure everything out on your own when there are tools to help you?

It’s your first introduction and overview of the business, what it’s about, the online office, your websites, etc.

Break it down into manageable chunks. If you’re anything like me and have ADD, don’t try to do it in one sitting- your brain will be mush by the end and you need time to really soak it in and process it before moving on to the next lesson!

If you’re BUSY enough as it is:

  • take 15-20 minutes a day (or more if you can) and do it once a day until you are finished
If you’re ready to HIT the GROUND SPRINTING
  • knock it out ASAP — make it a top priority. Schedule a few lessons a day!
To access the CTA: visit your TBB profile, make sure you are logged in, go the ‘COACH’ tab and click ‘COACH ONLINE OFFICE’, then click ‘News and Training’ and ‘Coach Training Academy’

Step 1:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 11.59.28 AM

Step 2:

CTA Screen Shot



Now get to it! 😉

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