How I Conquered my Case of the Mondays?

I remember how I used to absolutely dread Mondays! It would start during the day on Sunday. I’d get this pit in my stomach and a darkness would come over me.
I knew that my free time on the weekend was coming to an end and come Monday I’d be back to rush-rush-rush, have very little time for my family, building someone else’s dream and still be barely making ends meet!

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Italian Panko Crusted Pork Chops

Winner winner, pork chop dinner!!! 

Any time ALL of my boys tear something UP, I HAVE to share it with my friends because it RARELY ever happens that all five of them love the same thing!! This is a FAMILY WINNER!!  Continue reading “Italian Panko Crusted Pork Chops”

Easy Summer Healthy Party Recipe

‘Tis the season for outdoor parties, grill-outs and summer FUN!

If you’re anything like me, I absolutely LOVE to get together with friends – cutting up and laughing, there really isn’t much else better to me!

And it seems that there is ALWAYS food involved — especially for me since I tend to eat every few hours anyway. I don’t want to go long without having something to eat!

But I also don’t always want to indulge. It has its time and its place, don’t get me wrong — I try to keep it to a minimum!

So I want to share an awesome, easy (that’s my middle name), healthy summer party recipe with you!

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Team ROAR 7 Day Free Fitness Challenge

I’m getting super excited to kick off the 7-Day Team ROAR Free Fitness Challenge, and I’m hoping you’re looking forward to it as well!

Since we’re a week out, I thought I’d give y’all a quick overview of how it’ll work, and more importantly, how you can join the awesomeness! Continue reading “Team ROAR 7 Day Free Fitness Challenge”

Chicken Casserole Recipe with Organic, Non-GMO Substitutes

One of the biggest struggles I’ve had in my own health transformation has been learning how to eat healthy and properly nourish my body. I was used to making convenient, quick meals with little to no nutritional value. (Hamburger Helper, anyone?)

I must confess: I don’t have mad cooking skills, and frankly, I don’t know my way around the kitchen very well. I knew how good my mama’s food was when I was growing up, but I was too busy playing outside to even think to pay attention to what she was doing in the kitchen.

However, despite my lack of interest in kitchen related activities in my youth, I desperately wanted to learn how and what to eat in order to feel good….and well, looking good wasn’t so bad either! #winkwink Continue reading “Chicken Casserole Recipe with Organic, Non-GMO Substitutes”