Personal Development Suggestions

Today’s post is short and sweet but VALUE PACKED if you heed the advice given and TAKE ACTION learning and applying it to your life!!

The subject of personal development has come up on numerous occasions, and for good reason; it’s very important to me because it has changed the course of my life for the better.

I often wonder why in the world I let it take YEARS of suggesting for me to get started – and I’ll ask you the same if you’ve been putting off making personal development a part of your lifestyle and self-disciplines! WHY NOT GET STARTED TODAY?  Continue reading “Personal Development Suggestions”

Long Term Weight Loss Goals vs. Crash diets

One of my good girlfriends — like many of us — oscillates between being super on top of her game (a la P90X and Insanity) and being 20 pounds overweight. It’s painful to watch her cycle through her moments of feeling like a failure when they inevitably come. Over the years, I’ve tried to reassure her along the way and remind her that she can get back on top of it, just as she’s done many times before.

She’s currently coming out of one of her low times after having packed on some pounds in a stressful period of her life. What’s amazing, though, is that something seems to have clicked for her this time because instead of trying to get back into tip top shape in one month’s time, she has decided to commit to upping her fitness level over a full year.

I practically whooped with joy when she calmly told me that she decided to make that change (instead of crash dieting and punishing her body with grueling workouts over a short period of time). When we talked about what inspired the change in her approach, she admitted that a huge part of it was from seeing me and a number of our friends slowly but surely change our lives and fitness levels over many, many months and years. Continue reading “Long Term Weight Loss Goals vs. Crash diets”

3 Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast

We’ve all had those mornings: You wake up late and fly out the front door while zipping your pants and then it’s 2 o’clock and you wonder why you have a pounding headache and a distinct urge to slam the door on the day and go back to bed.

On those kinds of days, it’s no wonder we forget to eat. Even on the days that have a calmer start, though, I know many of us tend to skip breakfast since our hunger hasn’t caught up with us yet, or simply because we don’t know what to eat.

This meal is SO easy to skip, but it’s also the worst possible meal for you to skip in the first place. Seriously. Study after study has shown this. So, here are 3 reasons NOT to skip breakfast, and my super duper no excuses simple deluxe solutions! Continue reading “3 Reasons Not To Skip Breakfast”

Why Does Fear Hold Us Back?

Oh fear. How I loathe thee.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve hesitated to follow my instincts for fear of someone else’s (gulp!) judgment, I’d probably be a wealthy lady indeed.

Granted, I used to struggle with fear far more until a few years ago, but still — it’s aggravating even fathoming how many good, true-to-one’s-self decisions have likely been derailed by fear. Continue reading “Why Does Fear Hold Us Back?”

Five Sanity and Confidence Boosters for Moms

As a mom, it’s easy to get so swept up in taking care of everyone else that it’s easy to lose sight of taking care of YOU!

A wise person once told me, “You’re the only person who can take care of YOU. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.” (Thank you, Dad!)

So, to all the moms out there, let’s take a moment to first and foremost recognize your amazingness.

There’s no easy manual or set path for how to juggle all the demands mommyhood places on you, and yet, somehow you make those dollars stretch, feed those mouths, bandage the booboos, feed the pets, take care of your partner, vacuum the house, and somehow make it into bed before falling asleep on your feet.

If I asked you to tell me the last time you carved out time for yourself, would you have an answer that included some time in the past 6 months?

Now, I’m not gonna suggest you take off to Tahiti for a few weeks (unless you can, in which case, YES!! DO IT!!)

I am going to encourage you to at least consider what I lovingly call my Sanity Keepers. Continue reading “Five Sanity and Confidence Boosters for Moms”

3 Ways to Blast Past That Plateau

There are few more frustrating things than watching/feeling your hard-earned progress grind to an unexpected or just quiet stop.

After sending 700+ calories to their doom (WOOHOO!!!) the other day, I was suddenly thinking about times when working out regularly hasn’t come so easily.

As with anything in life, I think it’s natural for there to be an ebb and flow.

I mean, really — how many times can you walk or run that same route without starting to check out a la boredom or itch to do something different?

For anyone out there who has hit a plateau or just feels burned out, I thought I’d share 3 ways to crush that plateau or boredom streak and get back on track. Continue reading “3 Ways to Blast Past That Plateau”

MMA Training At Home – Get Shredded In 60 Days

Have you ever seen a UFC fight? I know for some it may be a bit too violent for your liking….I get that. However, I can’t help but take notice and appreciate how STRONG they look and the mental fortitude they must have to be willing to step in a ring with another competitor and duke it out for the championship.

I mean….WOW!

You may not believe it or perhaps you’re just not aware but there are many benefits to practicing MMA. In today’s post, I want to shed some light on those benefits and share how you can begin practicing right in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Continue reading “MMA Training At Home — Get Shredded In 60 Days”

How to Avoid the Boredom Fitness Pitfall and Keep Losing Inches

I’ve heard some variation of “I can’t run on a treadmill or workout on an elliptical because I just get so BORED!” soooo many times. Heck, I’ve been there myself! 

Maybe you can relate?

Continue reading “How to Avoid the Boredom Fitness Pitfall and Keep Losing Inches”

Want to Kiss Your Day Job Goodbye and Work From Home? Here’s How I Did It.

I used to work a day job. I would slide out of bed every morning like a limp noodle with bed head that would make a rooster jealous.

I would shuffle my way to the coffee pot (or more accurately, to a 2-liter of Dr. Pepper) slumped over and getting ready for yet ANOTHER day of building someone else’s dream.

GREAT! That’s exactly what we all WANT to do with our lives, right? Continue reading “Want to Kiss Your Day Job Goodbye and Work From Home? Here’s How I Did It.”

Excuses Part Deux

We’ve talked about excuses, but in this next installment, I’d like to propose that we consider whether procrastination isn’t truly the biggest doozy of them all.

One of the things I know I struggle with is the tendency toward procrastination when something comes my way that I don’t know how to handle.

When the answer/next action isn’t clear, I tend to set the thing aside thinking, “I’ll come back to that,” but end up continually putting it off and feeling less and less confident about eventually tackling the thing.

At the moment, I’m fairly certain that overcoming procrastination will indeed help me be a better person, friend, partner, family member. I’m also pretty convinced that my productivity, self-worth and sanity will increase exponentially as well once that’s happened. Continue reading “Excuses Part Deux”