3 Social Media Tips

The internet has opened up a WORLD of opportunities to meet people that you never would have otherwise.

Almost everybody uses social media these days. For all of you out there who are starting or growing your own businesses, here are three key tips for utilizing social media:

Social-MediaTip # 1: Think of Social Media as a Party

If you were to go to a party with your friends, you’re around a lot of people that you don’t know, so you have the opportunity to meet new people, right? But you’re not just gonna walk up to someone and say, “Hey! I am involved in this great business and you have got to hear all about it!”

I mean, you wouldn’t do that, right? People would be dodging you left and right. It’s icky, right?

As you’re connecting with new people ask them questions to get to know them—their family, their occupation, what they do for fun? And in the course of conversation and really getting to know them, you may uncover some needs that you can help fulfill.

And it doesn’t have to necessarily be related to your business. Maybe they’re looking for a babysitter and you happen to have an awesome babysitter and you want to share that information with them.  You just want to focus on how can you add value to other people, how can you help them.

Tip # 2: Don’t Be Connected to the Outcome

I think this applies in life as well as with business: If you meet someone and you have the opportunity to share what you do with them, but you’re focused on, “This is a great opportunity to make a sale!” or something like that, I can PROMISE you that they WILL pick up on that whether you’re saying it out loud or just in your head.

If you’re not connected to the outcome, and your main goal is just to help them reach their goals and achieve what they want to achieve…  If you help them get what they want, it’s gonna come back around to you and you’re gonna get what you want. So, tip number two: don’t be connected to the outcome.

create-value-and-profit-will-followTip # 3: Be Mindful of What You’re Putting Out There

When you’re posting on social media, you want to make sure that your posts and content are fun, engaging and positive. Stay away from the negative complaining or passive aggressively talking about someone without saying their name.

That does NOT put a good image out there, and you don’t want to be known as that person.

Always, always, always—before you even hit post, whether it’s a picture, status update or a message that you’re sending to someone—whatever it is, always ask yourself, “Is this adding value to someone? Will this make them smile? Will this make them laugh?”

You want to keep it positive, fun and engaging. By putting positivity out there, positivity will come back around to you.

Your Turn!

My favorite part of sharing this stuff is hearing back from you!

Do you have any tips that are musts for social media? If so, I’d love to hear all about it!

Author: Michelle Whitley

Wife. Mother of 5 Boys. Entrepreneur. Health and Fitness Coach. Lover of living a life of full potential.

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